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Project Description

The Unwanted Guest is a film about relationships. It’s also about how a stressful situation can make even the most unlikely among us temporary a psychopath. We all know we are not at our best when we are stressed out. Stress narrows our focus and deprives us of the emotions that make up who we usually are as a person. The Unwanted Guest is a film about a person under extreme stress.

It has four main characters, a young Woman with a dark secret, a damaged and lonely man with an unexpectedly shady past looking for love and a paranoid and dangerous sociopath with a desire to control people. Add to this a nosey neighbour who tries to manipulate people so bad things happen to them and fireworks will fly in unexpected ways.

Angelina Håkansson
Rainer Gerdes
Emil nord
Maria Vikander
Stefan Hadin
Robert Mattson
Tomas Edin
Writer: Adrian Burt
DOP: Adrian Burt
Producers: Arantxa Hurtado / Adrian Burt
Director: Adrian Burt
First assistant director: Cecilia Säverman
Line producer: Christian Eddan Knell
Continuity: TBC
Gaffer: Anders Dahl
Camera operator: Adrian Burt, Iman Khayyatan
First camera assistant: Andreas Fred
Sound engineer: Jaroslav Kazejev
Stunt coordinator: Johannes Stenmarck
Set design: Alexandra Ekelöf, Gunilla Bergerham 
Costume: Tove Sollerud
Make up: Elisabeth Lundberg