When the Guest arrives at the home of a Girl he’s just met via a dating app for dinner, he hopes for a little bit of romance to go with his meal. Soon though, he finds being a vegetarian is the least of his worries. Maria has a much more sinister motive to meet him, involving her lover and an extremely jealous and dangerous gangster, Rico.

The UnWanted Guest is an exciting dark comedy about a not-so-everyday evening from hell.

Angelina Håkansson
Rainer Gerdes
Emil nord
Maria Vikander
Stefan Hadin
Robert Mattson
Tomas Edin
Screenplay: Adrian Burt
DOP: Adrian Burt
Producers: Arantxa Hurtado / Adrian Burt
Director: Adrian Burt
Original Score: Arnaud Drieu
First assistant director: Cecilia Säverman
Line producer: Christian Eddan Knell
Continuity: Tove Sollerud
Gaffer – Apartment interiors: Mac Tang
Gaffer – Factory, apartment stairways and street scenes: Anders Dahl
Lighting assistants: Adam Herrmansson
Camera operator: Adrian Burt
Additional camera operators – Interior apartment, stairways: Iman Khayyatan, Arantxa Hurtado
First camera assistant: Andreas Fred
Second assistant camera: Filip √Ėnell
Sound recorder: Jaroslav Kazejev
Stunt coordinator: Johannes Stenmarck
Set design: Alexandra Ekelöf, Gunilla Bergerham, Maria Gyllentri
Costume: Tove Sollerud
Make up: Elisabeth Lundberg
VFX: John Snygg