Tamas Milhofer

Describe yourself in one or two sentences:
I am a warm and curious person constantly looking for new challenges to develop both personally and professionally while aiming to affect other people’s lives positively.

How did you fall in love with filmmaking?
I became fascinated by the enormous teamwork where everybody is working towards the common goal of telling a story. Concerning acting I am trying to grasp the essence of being in the moment among all the technicalities, while it amazes me how much you can express on screen by subtle means.

What are your strengths as a filmmaker?
Communicating through body language and facial expressions, an affinity for languages

Name one movie that changed your life:
Good Will Hunting. I got assigned a scene from this film at an acting course, and while working on it I have learnt a lot both about acting and about the choices we make in real life.

What excites you about Sprouting Pictures?
I am thrilled to be part of a community consisting of such professional, passionate and dedicated filmmakers with great visions.