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Project Description

Sara Hagnö

In 2012 Sara moved to Stockholm to pursue her passion for acting, having previously practised as a doctor of medicine, and having lived in Switzerland for 10 years. Sara studied drama at Boulevardteatern in Stockholm and acting in film at Studio Meisner, before founding the theatre group Teater Bara, where she has leading roles in the performances “The hundred we are”, written by Jonas Hassen Khemiri and “ A star named Ajax”, based on the book by Ulf Stark.
Sara participates regularly in film and stage fighting workshops. She has taken on roles in a number of short films that have been shown in different film festivals. The film “Pendeln” has been very appreciated and has been shown on Swedish Television 2017-2108. She just finished filming a pilot to a feature film “The Elf Queen”, where Sara has the leading role as the Elf Queen. Recently she also filmed the short film “Stroke of Midnight”, which is now in post-production.
Sara enjoys the challenge of taking on new roles, portraying different characters and just “being in the moment”, both on stage and in front of the camera screen.
Sara has several medals from World and European Championships in sailing. She is a good skier, a hunter, a tennis player and generally sporty. She loves singing and dancing. Her mother tongue is Swedish, but she is fluent in English and speaks French.