Johannes Stenmarck

Describe yourself in one or two sentences:
A curious actor with the focus of a kid-samurai wielding a wooden sword, and the love of people and artistic expression akin to a dog waging it’s tail.

How did you fall in love with filmmaking?
Whenever I get to serve and work for something I believe in, preferably with likeminded people, I relish in the experience of creation. I have always created stories and the idea of becoming an actor came from the question “how can I become Batman?” Eventually I got bit by the energy of creative process and connected minds and hearts of talented driven storytellers. Since then I want to spend as much time as possible on set, regardless if I’m acting, choreographing a fight sequence or making sure the crew gets coffee.

What are your strengths as a filmmaker?
Bringing people into their A-game. Seeing what is needed before it is desperately needed! In my mind I’m always “the assistant”. Especially if I’m the lead actor.

Name one movie that changed your life:
The Matrix, The Dark Knight and 20.000 Days on Earth. That is One sweet package

What excites you about Sprouting Pictures?
The “everything is possible”-mentality coupled with an all-in work ethic. Combine that with a boundless creativity and love for storytelling and a relentless desire to express and create pieces of magic, and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for being among such inspiring talents.