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Project Description

Status: Post production
Shooting dates: 26th, 27th January 2018

gLove Story

Lars, is a lonely man who every day sits at his favorite cafe and waits longingly for something, anything, to happen.
One day, a woman comes in to the cafe. Lars falls in love with her at first sight. The woman leaves the cafe almost immediately, dropping her glove on the way out. Lars runs after her wanting to return the glove, unsuccessfully. He doesn’t give up and takes home the glove. During the following days, with no sign of the woman, the glove becomes his only companion. A platonic love story develops between Lars and the glove, with him taking it every day to the café and sharing his coffee and water with it.
The woman finally drops by the cafe and Lars looses it, spilling coffee and water all over the glove. The barista cleans the table up, surreptitiously taking the glove. Lars only notices that the glove is gone, after watching the woman leave with another man. He is a broken man, but surely enough the Barista comes to the rescue and a new friendship is born.

Lars: Tamas Millhofer
Antonio the Barista: Luca Pirero
The Woman: Cecilia Säverman
The boyfriend: Johannes Stenmarck
Writers: Christian Eddan Knell, Arantxa Hurtado
Producer: Arantxa Hurtado
Director: Arantxa Hurtado
First assistant director: Jacob Wahlkvist
3rd assistant director; Johannes Stenmarck
Line producer: Juel Akervold
Production Manager: Peter Johansson
Continuity: Astrid Norberg
Director of photography: Adrian Burt
Gaffer: Anders Dahl
Best girl: Anna Herrmansson
Best Girl: Tilde Knibestöl
Camera operator: Maria Persson Hall
Camera Operator: Daniel Oliva
Focus Puller: Iman Khayyatan
Camera assistant: Joel Georgsson
DIT: Iman Khayyatan
Sound engineer: Henrik Hugubakken
Set design: Gunilla Bergerham, Alexandra Ekelöf
Costume: Tove Sollerud
Hair /Make up: Elisabeth Lundberg