Once upon a time there was a commoner who married a king. Her name was Bodil, and she was also a witch. This was a dark and hidden secret that Bodil revealed to no one. The practice of witchcraft was strictly forbidden in the kingdom‚ÄĒand punishable by death.¬†But witches cannot get pregnant, not by natural means, and the king wants a child, an heir to the throne. He grows suspicious of his young queen, and Bodil knows that her life is in danger.
To save herself, she journeys alone to a magical forest, the realm of the all-mighty Elf Queen. The Elf Queen, with her supernatural powers, grants Bodil a son, but not without a cost: the child must be returned to the Elf Queen on his eighteenth birthday. Bodil accepts this agreement, convincing herself that she will never love him.

The Elf Queen is the prequel to a tv seres with the same title, currently in development.

The Elf Queen: Sara Hagnö
Queen Bodil: Alexandra Ekelöf
Writers: Jenny Hägg, Arantxa Hurtado
Screenplay creative supervision: Bob Dolman
Producer/ Director: Arantxa Hurtado
Executive producer: Bob Dolman
First assistant director: Rebecka Cutiç
Assistant director: Ragnhild Blomstr√łm
3rd assistant director; William Wasberg
Line producer: Anna Velander Gisslen
Continuity: Eric Gustafsson
DOP: Adrian Burt
Gaffer: Anders Dahl
Lighting assistant: Kamil Kanowski
Best Boy: Peter Johansson
Steadycam operator: Nestor Salazar
Focus Puller: Laura Fernandez Garcia
DIT: Iman Khayyatan
Sound engineer: Stellan Särlefalk
Sound design and sound mix: Hampus Kung
Set decoration: Eveline Grassman, Eric Gustafsson
Costume design: Agnjeszka Lorek, Independent Kostym
Horse trainer: Malin Hellstedt
Make up: Elva Ahlbin
Make up Assistant: Adam Nilsson
Original score by: Arnaud Drieu
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